Over mij

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Mijn Missie

Mijn missie is om opdrachtgevers op een hoogstaand niveau van dienst te zijn waarbij “de klant is koning” als vanzelfsprekend de basis is voor alle werkzaamheden.

Tips to write an About me page

1. Know who you’re talking to.
Understanding the prospective customer is the most overlooked aspect of business communication. Every message you craft should begin by understanding the audience it’s intended for. If you don’t know who you’re talking to how can you tell them what they want and need to hear? Start with why, but don’t forget who.

2. Don’t just lead with the facts.
People need to know more about the real you. Facts alone don’t persuade. Make your website a window and not a wall.

3. Share your values.
Tell people who you are and what you believe.

4. Show yourself.
Build trust by adding a well-shot photo to your bio and about page. Your potential clients like to look into your eyes.

5. Tell the story of your professional journey.
Explain how you got to where you are today. Your backstory doesn’t have to be a chronological list. Make it interesting. Enable people to understand how you know what you know.

6. Tell people how you can help them.
Be specific, add links to products and services.

7. Demonstrate how you’ve provided solutions for others.
Link to your portfolio, projects or client case studies.

8. Give a sense of what it’s like to work with you and show people why they can trust you.
Add client testimonials and stories about how you work.

9. Add a contact link.
Your about page should not only provide information and build trust, but it must also encourage potential clients to get in touch.

10. Don’t make it all about you.
Think about why you’re writing your about page in the first place and how you want the reader to feel when she’s done reading it.

*Bonus* Write like you speak.
I know it’s tempting to add words you never use, but you’ll just end up sounding unlike you. If you’re having trouble with this try speaking and recording your story first, then write up the best bits. There’s a debate about whether to write it first or third person. My personal preference is the first person because I want to speak directly to you, but many great about pages are written in the third person.


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